Our History

In the spring of 1986, a session for supervisors was held at the NCSHLA convention in Charlotte, NC. At this presentation, the first effort was made to organize a supervisors association. Vickie MCCready from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and David Shapiro from Western Carolina University chaired the session. As a follow up, Vicki McCready contacted those who had indicated an interest in starting a supervisors association, and she proposed a meeting be held to plan such a group meeting. The meeting would also serve as a planning session for a presentation about supervision at the 1987 NCSHLA convention.

Two planning meetings of the North Carolina Supervisors group were held in Chapel Hill, one in October 1986, and another in January 1987. A Supervisors Exchange: A Starting of Forms and Program Descriptions was the title of the session held at the March 1987 NCSHLA Convention in Winston-Salem. A business meeting was held following the session and it was at that meeting that the name of the organization was coined, the North Carolina Association of Supervisors in Speech Language Pathology and Audiology (NCASSPA). A resolution for NCSHLA affiliation was passed with the following conditions:

  • The NCASSPA be granted the opportunity to hold annual meetings at the annual meeting of NCSHLA and have the NCASSPA meeting listed on the convention program.

  • That NCASSPA have the opportunity to use NCSHLA publications, as space is available to communicate with its members and potential members.

  • That NCASSPA have the opportunity to use NCSHLA facilities, as space is available for committee or regional meetings at no additional cost to NCASSPA.

  • That NCASSPA have access to other NCSHLA resources on a case-by-case basis as presented by NCASSPA and approved by NCSHLA.

Please consider attending the NCASSPA session and business meeting at the NCSHLA Annual Convention.